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Frequently Asked Questions

To put it simply, we create designs related to spreading kindness and awareness. Our buyers can choose from our extensive collection of inspiring designs to be placed on different merchandise like shirts, hoodies, bed sheets, pillow cases, mugs, and more!

Aside from designing, we take it one step further by pledging 10% of our net annual profits to charity so you can feel good about wearing – and shopping – our products too!
Our team is based remotely all over the world, but our headquarters is in Ontario, Canada.
We found that the best use for our talents was to operate in a for-profit model. We voluntarily donate 10% of our profits yearly as part of our mission to give back to the community.

As a for-profit organization, we are not reliant on grants and funding from various institutions. With the money from our amazing sponsors – people like you – we can establish quality control without having to skimp out on certain things (such as amazing customer service).
We don’t accept custom jobs at the moment but this is in the pipeline, so please stay tuned by signing up on our website!

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We’re a global team of like-minded individuals who dream of giving back to the community. We created Kindness Culture as a way to fulfill our mission of empowering and inspiring people through design, while also being able to donate directly to charity.
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